Round 6 Results Sunday 08 September, 2013


Results from the British SXS Championship round 6 on the 8th September 213 at Neuadd Farm, Llandrindod Wells.

British SXS Championship OverallĀ – Round 6

PosNo.NameR6 R1R6 R2R6 R3Total
1S77Richard Avis374040117
2S23Dean Hyde403731108
3T42Sam Berry31352995
4T59Fletcher Racing35282689
5T50Park Lane Group29243588
6T69Bradley Vissor21313385
7S58Geoff Greenwood28272782
8T177Gary Butler26262880
9T7Paul Severn19332577
10T165Jason Rowlands27232474
11S60Paul Rowlands183755
12T2Josh Brown232952
13S22Steven Adams222547
14S172Alfie Hyde3333
15T45Josh Barrett2525
16T12Jamie Thwaites2424
17T64Mark McCann2020

British SXS Championship Team – Round 6

PosNo.NameR6 R1R6 R2R6 R3Total points
1T42Sam Berry374035112
2T50Park Lane Group352840103
3T59Fletcher Racing403129100
4T69Bradley Vissor26353798
5T177Gary Butler31293393
6T7Paul Severn24372889
7T2Josh Brown273360
8T64Mark McCann253156
9T45Josh Barrett2929
10T12Jamie Thwaites2828
11T15Darren Peel2323

British SXS Championship Solo – Round 6

PosNo.NameR6 R1R6 R2R6 R3Total points
1S77Richard Avis374040117
2S23Dean Hyde403735112
3S58Geoff Greenwood333533101
4S60Paul Rowlands293766
5S22Steven Adams313364
6S172Alfie Hyde3535

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